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HighDef Information Library

What is HDV?

by Scott Thomas

HighDef Overview
HighDef Pre and Post Production
HighDef Production
HighDef Audio

for HighDef411 directory by Conrad Denke and Scott Thomas

24P Primer (the 12 Easy Steps)

by Scott Thomas

1080i Primer (the 11 Easy Steps)

by Scott Thomas

Audio Sync tips when shooting 24P (with an external audio device)

by Scott Thomas by Scott Thomas  

High Definition Fact Sheet

By B. Sean Fairburn SOC    Send EMail

Shooting High Definition

By Geoff Dunlap    Send EMail

High Definition and the Re-education of the Vanity Arts

By Cynthia L. McCourt   Send EMail

Wigs and High Definition Video

By Cynthia L. McCourt   Send EMail

HD Editing

By Walt McGinn   Send EMail

Producing HD Graphics

By Kelvin Hughes   Send EMail

Here are some fun facts about sweetening audio for HDTV.

By Nick Denke   Send EMail

High Definition Defined

By Ed McNichol   Send EMail

The Advent of Digital Film

By Ed McNichol   Send EMail

The What, When, Why, and How of HDTV

By Ed McNichol   Send EMail



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