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by Dara Klatt
A hundred sixty miles off the coast of Baja California, science and sport fishing join forces for an unprecedented research effort. A team of world-class anglers will land one of the most challenging fish imaginable: the great white shark.
Unlike any other catch ever attempted, they’ll lift an SUV-sized shark out of the [...]

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by Brian Cali
Cinematographer Barry Braverman, the Director of Photography for the original, 13-minute black-and-white Bottle Rocket short that was the basis for filmmaker Wes Anderson’s 1996 cult classic, recently shot The Making of Bottle Rocket for the Blu-ray release (Criterion Collection) of the feature with the Panasonic VariCam 2700 P2 HD VariCam. The original behind-the-scenes [...]

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by Andrew Scafetta
In five, ten or 25 years, our lives will be significantly different. Advances in the way we play sports, live in our homes, connect with others, fight wars or take vacations will feel as commonplace in the future as viewing highdefinition television or driving to work seem to us today.
But there are astonishing [...]

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